She was greater than any ocean, and her love knew far greater depths.


If you are lightening, then I am the horizon—illuminated.

Surround Me

Come to me like a midnight wave, foaming the shore. Swiftly, surround me.

Wicked Little Truth

I want to trust him, because I still want him. But he wants my lust and the privilege of my skin.
It’s so hard to discount that wicked little truth.
And yet, so hard not to drown in the fountain of our youth.

Lonely Nights

Lonely nights in cars were warmed by the very hands that tore me apart.

I Miss You

I miss your strong arms. The vision of your skin against mine, like swirling sugar in hazelnut coffee. The way your touch lights me up — a hand in the dark, stirring an entire ocean to wake and sparkle bright blue in a bioluminescent bay. I . . . am glowing. There is a fierceness in…

Soul’s Dance

Is it just me, or is your soul dancing with mine? And is the rush of my heart, of my breath keeping time? Are they stepping around the words that we just can’t find? Tell me As I stutter and you restrain, do they divine what we can’t hide? Do they pirouette once or twice…

A Gentle Breeze

And I’m still sitting on the pavement, hot pebbles pressing into my skin, it’s burning, but I’m still yearning to feel something more. I’m holding out a hand, a gentle breeze slipping passed my fingers. Strands of silk, something to feel, something that’s real, but it’s still transitory. It’s just a breeze, gone before we…